My name is Elisha.  I am twenty-seven years old and have cystic fibrosis.  In July of 2011 I went to New York City to meet with a lung transplant team for a double lung transplant.  That is when I decided to start a blog to document everything I was about to go through.  I am not going to do this on a daily basis (I never was any good at keeping a daily dairy when I was younger lol), but I will write about what is going on every once in awhile to keep everyone up to date with where I am and how I am doing.

On July 6th and 7th I was given my lung transplant!  For friends and family that want to are allowed to.  There are a few things to keep in mind though.  Do not come over if you are sick at all.  Also I cannot be around anyone who has had a live vaccine. For instance, the flu vaccine shot is dead, but the mist in the nose is live.  Also I will not be hugging or kissing anyone.  It is not personal, this is for everyone, especially right now as my immune system is going to be very weak for three to six months.  Right now I am really behind on my blog.  I am not done with it, I am just so busy doing things that I am barely on the computer anymore.  So be patient with me, there will be more posts about the hospital stay and beyond.  I have been writng things down so I can blog about it so there will be more posts to come.

A lot of people don't really understand the struggles that come along with Cystic Fibrosis and especially a double lung transplant.  This even includes the people that are around me and know me very well.  For the most part, if you just see me, you wouldn't really know how sick I was.  I don't look sick and most of the time I don't act it either.  I put up a good front and barely ever complain about what is going on.  Some of it has to do with the fact that I am use to it.  This is my life...I have always had CF and I don't know anything different.  Another reason is because I want to live my life as much as I can.  I want to stay positive and not dwell on what is hard.  Life was very dfficult while waiting for the transplant.  Now I am healing and learning how to live all over again!

I am doing this blog for a couple of reasons.  One is to keep my friends and family up to date on everything that is going on through this lengthy process.  Also I want to do this for other people who are going to be getting lung transplants in the future.  Now I know every situation is different, but I hope this will be something that they can sit down read and learn something from.  Maybe get an idea of what to expect. or maybe reading this could give some insight to ease a little of the anxiety or just read because it is something they can relate to and know they are not alone.  I am going into this completely blind and learning as I am going, so if this helps one person out just a little I would be thrilled.

There are going to be some ups and downs throughout all of this, but one thing I promise to do is stay honest.  This includes what I am actually going through and how I feel.  So feel free to ask questions if something doesn't make sense, you don't understand something or if you are just interested. I am not too shy. :)  Either leave a comment using facebook or send me a message using the contact icon.

New Website

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I have a new website.  This webiste will remain up until May, but after that it will be shut down.  I have transferred everything over to the new site.  If you are still interested in following me I am continuing to blog over there.  :)  

The Climb

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Everything is going good and still on track for me to go home on Monday.  My body is healing and recovering beautifully and my breathing continues to get stronger.  I had a little scare Thursday, but it turned out to be nothing.  


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So I finally got to see Erika again!  She hasn’t been able to visit me in about a week because she has been sick.  That and this girl is busy so I told her to take a break from visiting me and take care of herself.  The fact that she was sick shows that I wore her out.  I tend to do that to people.  LOL  

Knocked Out

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These last three days I have done nothing but go to PT and OT, eat and sleep.  We have found that it was probably caused by the steroids.  My doctor told me that some people get hyper on them and others get very tired.  Well it is obvious which side affect I got.  Lol  I was asleep more hours of the day than I was awake.  I would come back from PT, eat lunch and then go back to sleep until OT would wake me up.  There are some times I had a hard time staying awake in PT and OT.  Speaking of PT and OT though, I am making great progress there.